Measure Performance with Wordpress using Google Analytics

Instant Website Analytics in Real-time Of Your Business!

Performance with Adobe Business Catalyst

Make Business Decisions Based On Accurate Statistics

Business decisions should never be made without accurate data. Wordpress with Google Analytics integration have integrated effective reporting functions into every aspect of your website. Recording every interaction customers have with your website, such as activities on your web pages, online shops and email marketing.

  • No Code To Add, No Extra Effort

    No Extra Coding or Effort

    Unlike many analytics packages Google Analytics does not require you to manually add complex tracking codes to each individual page of your site or online shop. Wordpress already comes with all the powerful reporting functionality you need built-in.

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  • A Bird's Eye View Every Time Your Client Logs In

    Easy Birds Eye Perspective of how your Website is Performing


    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics provides key metrics, charts and a live feed of customer activity available to you every time you log in to your website. Keeping track of how your business is performing has never been easier.


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  • Analyze Online Business Performance

    Analyze Online Business Performance

    You can effectively determine the number of page views or establish unique visitor profiles. In addition, Google Analytics works to quickly and effectively track those top performing pages within your website, most popular online products, order and sales volumes, newsletter subscription losses and gains… just to name a few!

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  • Generate E-commerce and Customer Reports

    Generate Ecommerce and Customer Reports

    You can easily set up Ecommerce and customer reports that you can access at any time, which can help you cut down and categorise data. If you wish to get to the core of your website's performance offline, you can utilise the handy "Export" feature which supports Excel, PDF and CSV formats.

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