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social media integration

Reap the Benefits of Social Media Influence

Social media is undoubtedly becoming one of the most powerful tools in the online toolkit for many business owners. We help you get started by enabling useful social elements to your website with seamless integration.

  • Social Sharing Made Easy

    Social Sharing Made Easy

    You can easily add Facebook "Like", Facebook "Send", and Twitter "Tweet" buttons to your pages, blog posts, products and much more! Hurry and get involved with the social media revolution and begin noticing the difference with your website's traffic and leads!

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  • Live Feedback With Facebook Comments

    Live Feedback with Facebook Comments

    You can bring social features to any site using the built-in Facebook module. This can be used to enable product reviews or even add dynamic comment streams to blog posts.

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  • Keep Visitors Up-To-Date With Facebook Activity Feeds

    Up-To-Date Facebook Activity Feeds

    Keep visitors up-to-date with the latest news surrounding your business by quickly inserting a dynamic activity feed including text, pictures or video on any page, which is linked to your Facebook's Business Page.

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