Nov 26

Christmas Cards 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012 by
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With Christmas just around the corner, we thought to help spread the festivities by creating little postcard sized Christmas Cards for you to give your family and friends!

Download Christmas Card Sheet - 4 cards a sheet

How do you use it?

Easy! We have put 4 of them in one sheet to make it easier for you to print out. This works best when you have nice paper to print it on - any thick paper with either Matte or Glossy coating, which you can find in stationary supplies shops such as OfficeWorks or even Kmart.

  1. First, download the PDF and open it with a PDF Reader.
    If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download the Adobe Reader here. Once you have finished downloading, install it into your computer.
  2. Once you have it open, print the sheets with the specially coated thick paper. Ensure you have the correct side of the paper in the printer.
  3. Each page will have 4 cards - Use a sharp craft knife and a ruler to cut the cards from the sheet.
  4. Use the blank piece at the back to write your Christmas message.

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