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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Business Socially Proactive Online

Thursday, July 05, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail
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5 ways to make your business socially proactive

It has been a while since I wrote the last post on Business Catalyst, so here is my next topic. What is social branding and how to make it work? This is a very common question that we usually get from our existing customers and to be fair, I don't blame them at all. At first, social marketing can't seem daunting and you may even think it occupies most of your free time. These questions has prompted me to give you all some simple yet powerful ways to leverage social media to work for your business. Let's dive in right away..

If you happen to look around you, you can be pretty sure there is an ad staring at you in the face. To be more precise, your customers are exposed to around 1,500 advertising messages on an average daily. So my next question to you is how do you ensure your business or brand stands our from the clutter?

Media advertising on TV, radio, newspapers and bilboard may work but cost thousands of dollars of your budget. What about search engine optimisation? It is a long term strategy and does work very well for small businesses, however it does cost you anything from $500 to $1500 monthly to maintain your ranking in Google. What if you have a limited budget and want to increase your brand's exposure?

From working with our clients, I can confidently vouch for social media marketing to be a truly cost effective method to build your prospects and get qualified traffic to your websites. Furthermore, Google has recently mentioned they are paying attention to social signals when listing sites to increase the quality of their search results.

Here are the top 5 ways to get social traffic to your website;

Facebook Build a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the undisputed no.1 social platform. With an established fan base of 750 million people, you have to start building your prospects in Facebook. Start posting interesting articles, company events, product launches and trivia surrounding your product line. One bit of advice though, please don't sell your products and services directly to your fans. People are already exposed to hundreds of ads everyday so you can give them a break by posting unique and interesting content to establish the trust and credibility.

Twitter Start a Conversation with Twitter followers

With 250 million followers, it is a different way to market your expertise and products. Begin by looking for influential people in your industry and start following them. Daily tweets from these pool of people can keep you updated on what is happening in your niche market. Mentioning people's tweets by using their @twitter_name, is also a great way to gain attention of your prospects. If you are a local cafe, see if you can locate followers within a certain radius and add them. Try to build a list of qualified people whom you think will buy from you.

Linkedin Start a Credible Linked-in Profile

Linked-in is your corporate social network. This is a great place to connect with your industry leaders, associations, communities and build a network of businesses related to your brand. Linked-in is also an effective place to create an awesome brand culture which in turn attracts fresh and talented staff who can be an integral part of your company's growth.

Pinterest Create an Impressive Brand on Pinterest

The newest kid on the social platform. Pinterest is an online social sharing pin board where users can pin(upload) or re-pin(share) images. With unprecedented growth in the last year, Pinterest is a great source of traffic. Women seems to form the majority of demography. If you happen to have a product that caters to female group, this is a great place to start building your followers. If you need more information on how Pinterest works, read our popular post on How Pinterest Can Help Your Business.

Google Gain Local Advantage with Google Plus

Google's own social network to provide competition to Facebook. Whether you like or not, Google Plus is here to stay. Google Plus has already started to personalise their search results based on user preference. For example if I happen to be logged in with my Google account, I tend to get suggested content from my circle of friends. I could looking for an Italian restaurant near my suburb, and I will get Italian restaurants recommended by my circle of friends. So it is important to also keep this as up to date as your Facebook page.

These are the basic tips, and you can do much more and make full use of social media once you have your strategy in place. If you don't already have social media, get started now and avoid missing out on potential fans and followers!

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