Jul 05

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Business Socially Proactive Online

Thursday, July 05, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail

5 ways to make your business socially proactive

It has been a while since I wrote the last post on Business Catalyst, so here is my next topic. What is social branding and how to make it work? This is a very common question that we usually get from our existing customers and to be fair, I don't blame them at all. At first, social marketing can't seem daunting and you may even think it occupies most of your free time. These questions has prompted me to give you all some simple yet powerful ways to leverage social media to work for your business. Let's dive in right away.. Read the rest of the entry...

What a week it has been! Training clients, drawing up sales KPIs, attending breakfast seminars and the list goes on. Despite the full on schedule, I still love my job as it simply keeps my mind active. As Hasan mentioned in the previous post, we both had an excellent time at Sydney Business Catalyst Conference, absorbing all the new knowledge and educating our clients on the some exciting features offered by Adobe BC. Read the rest of the entry...

Jun 14

Business Catalyst 3 Part Series: First Australian BC Conference (Part 2)

Thursday, June 14, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail

Let's dive into the part 2 of our BC three part series. Kerry and myself recently attended the Australian BC Partner Conference on June 4 & 5 which attracted over 200 Partners in attendance on Day 1, and it was an indeed fantastic educational event! Read the rest of the entry...

Our BC team have been using Adobe Business Catalyst for over 3 years now. In fact, when we started embracing Business Catalyst for our projects, it was owned by two Australian entrepreneurs, Bardia Housman and Adam Broadway in 2004. Since then, it has been acquired by Adobe and there have been alot of upgrades, changes and ongoing development to meet the needs of business owners to manage their business online. Read the rest of the entry...

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