Oct 05

Google Penguin Latest Update

Friday, October 05, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail

Google Penguin Update

In a nutshell, the Penguin algorithm update was introduced by Google in order to look for spam or low quality websites and then degrade them; giving priority to well branded websites that promote good original content. The main problem impacting most webmasters with regards to this update are low quality links or link schemes. According to Google, link schemes are links that have been sought for the sole purpose to get better rankings in Google. Read the rest of the entry...

Sep 18

September Spring Cleaning Update

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 by Jeffrey Davidson

September Spring Cleaning

With Spring now lurking about (despite the weather's sudden change from sun to storm), it's time we help some of our clients do a bit of spring cleaning. Read the rest of the entry...

Sep 04

What Can Business Owners Learn From Usain Bolt?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail

Usain Bolt Olympics

The London Olympics have come to a great finale with some pure magical moments in Olympic history. As with every Olympics, this year's event has certainly given us some captivating moments that inspire us and make us marvel at the heart and soul put in by the athletes. One such athlete is Usain Bolt, the “fastest man alive” after winning Gold in the 100 metre dash at the London Olympics and has earned himself a place in the Pantheon of the greatest sprinters of all time! Read the rest of the entry...

Aug 27

GCDS Turns 5 Celebration

Monday, August 27, 2012 by Jeffrey Davidson

GCDS Turns 5 Celebration

Well it's not often that we go out with everyone together in the office, however it has been a while since our last outing and we figured - it's about time for another. And what better event to celebrate than the birthday of our very beloved GCDS! Read the rest of the entry...

May 26

Google vs Bing -The Social Search Battle Begins

Saturday, May 26, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail

The Ultimate Social Search Between Google and Bing

In the past decade, we have relied on search engines to find information from across the web. With the inflex of growing user engagement in social media platforms, search will only get better with personalised results in form of images, posts and more recommendation from friends and families. Read the rest of the entry...

May 05

The Importance of Mobile Presence For Business Owners

Saturday, May 05, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail

Glowing Testimonial from Gold Coast Car Sound

Take a good look around you in a public area and there is a good chance that you will see people browsing the internet on a smartphone such as iPhone or Android. In fact, Australians went from lagging to leading the worldwide smartphone revolution in just one year, a major study by Google has revealed. Despite the growing popularity of mobile usage among Australians, only one of five Australian websites are properly optimised for smartphones. Read the rest of the entry...

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