Nov 05

Simple & Effective Blogging Tips For Your Business

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 by Reni Florentina
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Following our blog post a few weeks ago on "How Long Ago Was Your Last Blog Post?" (no word play there), we want to share some simple and effective blogging tips for your business. Trust us, you are going to benefit from this.

1. Blog Consistently

Truthfully, you don't need to blog every single day. Actually, one blog post a week is more than enough. Blogging (for me) takes around two to three hours (researching the content, writing the blog and finding suitable graphics to go with the blog post). There are 168 hours in a week.. surely you can dedicate two hours to writing up a blog for your website. Not to mention that it's good for your SEO! Blogging consistently will also show the activity on your site. Showing your audience that you are in fact, very much alive and your site is frequently up-to-date.

2. Showcase What You Know

Provide free and useful content on your blog. Remember that people will only read if the content is interesting or useful for them. Write something that your audience will definitely benefit from. For example, you have a business selling all kinds of tea. Your blog can be on "Tips on how to brew the perfect green tea" or "The best teapot to own".

3. Use Infographics

Let's be honest here, sometimes reading a long blog can get pretty boring. Have you got some case studies or large amounts of information you want to share, but afraid that people will just ignore it as text? This is where infographics can come in handy. There are a few websites that you can use to create beautiful infographics. Otherwise, you can speak to the GCDS team about creating the perfect infographic for you! We have a few infographics here that might interest you.

4. Get Ideas From Your Audience

This is when your social media gets handy. Check your posts and tweets to see which ones your audience best respond to. Then blog about it! For example, our GCDS logo showdown on Wags and Westie on Facebook got a lot of responses, which we later wrote a blog post on to elaborate more on the competition and how it benefitted us.

5. Make Sure it Looks Appealing and Readable

Believe it or not but bad design can get in the way of good content. True story. Say you have a really good recipe to share with your audience, but your site is covered in Comic Sans font with other ten other different fonts and colours, your audience will leave. Design plays a big role in your blog as this represents your branding/personality. If it looks like an eight year old designed the site, you will lose credibility and your blog post won't be taken seriously. Research says the most effective and easiest way to read a blog is in black writing on a white background. This is really just a guideline so as long as you have really contrasting text (dark colours on light backgrounds), it's easier to identify the words and not a struggle to read.

6. End With a Question

When you are finished with your blog post, always end with a question. No... not "How was your meal last night?"... your question needs to relate back to what you just said. Using the same "Tea Business" as an example, if your blog post is on "Tips on how to brew the perfect green tea", you can ask questions such as "How do you normally brew your green tea? Would you try this method? Basically, it needs to be something that will encourage engagement with your audience. If not a question, then at least a statement or 'call to action'. Finish the blog leaving them with something to ponder, respond with or to action.

So what do you think? It's not very hard to write a blog post right? Why don't you write something out for your audience today?

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