Jan 27

Recap on the New Year So Far

Friday, January 27, 2012 by
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Gold Coast Flooding

Well firstly we have spent the majority of our time trying to launch this site - which I'm sure you're all loving! That's right, we've finally joined our clients and hooked ourselves up to Business Catalyst with our own site!

Now not to mention we've also managed to convince a few of our existing clients to come over to the dark side... erm.... I mean to the awesome side... RML Diesel Repairs (to be known now as RML Group), Coastal Oral Surgery and Banyan Trades just to name a few, have decided to join the BC Family. We welcome them with open arms, so keep your eyes peeled on our portfolio soon to be updated with their sites!

To add to that, we've also taken on a few Jewellers with their websites, some of which you will have seen around! Diamond Boulevard (Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast) are among one of our newly built collection of jewellery websites to hit the GCDS workload. Previews soon to come, but before that, Murray Harvy Jewellers should be going live very shortly so keep a look out for that too!

Recently I'm sure everyone on the Gold Coast would've noticed (unless you have been hibernating in a really tall tower apartment for the last couple of days) that there has been some slight rain activity - So I do hope everyone has been keeping safe and avoiding the flooded roads! We have had a bit of water encounter on our travels and around the work place, which you can see on our constantly updated Facebook page!

We also welcome everyone back this year, both staff and loyal fans. We just want to say thanks for still sticking with us, and as a reward, if you click here you will get $100.00!

Anyways, stay tuned because this blog will be full of tips, tricks and a whole bunch of random ramblings from us that I'm sure will entertain you somewhat while procrastinating during office hours!

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