Jan 17

New Year, New Direction, New Website

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 by
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A new year has come, and with that, comes new ideas and direction for our company. Our team has been incredibly busy nutting out our new website (GCDS version 3 yeah!!!), and after much research in what people are looking for in web design companies, we have decided to tailor our site in accordance to the needs of the public (because we love you all). Check out some of our new toys:

Easier Navigation

Need to find something on our site? You are no more than 2 clicks away from finding out what you want to know about us. Whether it be our solutions that we provide, or just to see who we are, the site has been structured in a way that you can easily work your way around.

Our Works

We decided that our old portfolio really just showed a preview without really saying much about what we did with it. GCDS presents our new portfolio page, where you can see more detail on our projects, what we did, and a few more previews than just the one.

Customer Success Stories

Don't just take our word for our awesomely fantastic work, see the results! Here we have added evidence that we are more than just your typical web design company. We use our extensive knowledge and skills to provide solutions for you to help not only give you online presence, but also continuously improve your business using the wonderful world of web (no that wasn't a sales pitch at all).

Client's Area (Coming Soon)

We cannot forget our clients who have been with us through thick and thin, and remained as loyal friends to us. So we are developing a members area for our awesome clients, which will contain tips and tutorials to help out in learning how to update the site, setting up e-mails, tips on how to get web savvy and little things that we wish to provide to help out. Sorry fans, client's only :) however we will still be giving out some cool stuff and posting links and things both in our social media, as well as this blog so don't forget to check back here regularly.

We will be updating our site with many features and just keep improving our site. If you like our site, then please tell us how epic and awesome it is below. If you think we forgot to add something on our site, or if something needs attention, or even see a typo, then let us know below as well - or contact us. We value your feedback to ensure our site provides everyone with the best user experience!

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