Mar 27

March Madness And A Milestone!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 by
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March Madness

Yes that's right! The madness continues!!! Firstly let me announce the official launch of the revised RML Group Mining Services! Starting in February, we have also given them a new branding based off the old logo to this new sexy beast. Check out more from Our Portfolio of RML Group.

Not to mention the weekend was full of epic events - one to note was our involvement in the Jewellery Marketing Solutions seminar - where our very own Kerry Lunn as well as yours truly, myself presented a few little tips for jewellery store owners on what to have on a website! View the photos taken by our photographer Hz Chin! Thanks to Tony and Leanne Argyle from Jewel Lover too for giving us the opportunity to speak! I can safely say I was a little short of nervous before I started, but that got over quickly.

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