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Let's take a look at 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012 by
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Needless to say it has been an epic year this year. So we have compiled some of the most memorable moments and highlights of the year in a little gallery below. Click on each image to see it's caption:

2012 Came with a bang! During this time we were still in the midst of making v3 of our website - but we started to get more socially active!During Chinese New Year, we launched 8 (being the lucky chinese number) custom made icons. This was the first icon set we had ever created publicly.When it rains, it pours - or in our case floods like crazy. Late January 2012 was a really wet season for us.Another holiday where we created more wallpapers. A good ol Australian Barbeque... literally - see the patty, and the shape, is like aus.... you get the idea....After months of blood and sweat poured into this website (not literally...) we finally launched the new V3 of our website!
Let's not forget Jeff's constant Fish and Chip winning streak in February - winning at least 2 -3 times!Kerry and Jeff both went to Brisbane during March to present with founders of Jewel Lover. They both presented case studies and tips for the jewellery industry for online presence.Our very first V3 promo was the Find the Easter Egg hidden somewhere in our website. It worked well and the winner of the competition was Gold Coast Car Sound winning a discount off their website!It was hard to get back up with our Facebook due to it constantly being played around by Facebook themselves. We eventually had to create a new profile and at this point we had just reached 100 likes in April!Not only did we have many people visit GCDS, but the occasional dog or 2 would pop in. Here are Wags and Westie, the GCDS Mascots along with Bruce and Bella, the neighbours dogs that came to visit.
Our dear project manager went to visit Griffith University to give a talk to the first year students of the Bachelor of Digital Media. He even gave out chocolate to the students during his lecture... now that's entertaining!Our very first infographic created by our awesome developer Geo! Featured in many websites, it was a popular hit!We had our share of rainbows during the winter season. It's not a large milestone or anything but hey who doesn't love rainbows?In August, GCDS shared it's 5th Anniversary at River Penang in Robina. Such a great night, great laughs and great company!The staff at GCDS surprised Kerry with a cake on her birthday this year. A lovely Bee Sting Torte Cake!
Chin had created some nice halloween themed icons in October for us to share with our fans - continuing our social media giveaways streak. It was also featured in a few icon websites.So... the world didn't end...Received some lovely Christmas presents from some of our clients. Thank you for the yummy chocolates!!Just before 2013, the GCDS team went to Byron Bay to watch the sunrise.... these are the professionals behind our websites....OK, so here's the Byron Bay sunrise itself in all its beauty!!

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