Aug 13

iPhone 5S & 5C Rumours

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by Reni Florentina
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Rumour has it that we will be seeing a new Apple iPhone this September. The new Apple iPhone 5S is reportedly going to be announced early September this year. 

For all you Apple fans out there, here are the rumours that we know so far regarding the 5S:  

  • 12 megapixel camera with slow motion video capability
  • Dual LED flash camera
  • Fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone 
  • 4" screen size (same as iPhone 5) but with Sharp IGZO displays
  • Will run on Apple's newest operating system iOS7
  • Black and white iPhone are standard... but the 5S could be available in gold! 
  • And... better battery life *hooray*

So what about the Apple iPhone 5C? Well apparently the back of this phone will be made out of plastic for a more "affordable" iPhone. Perhaps a much cheaper iPhone will attract a lot more people or does it "lower" Apple's extremely elegant brand reputation? 

I have to say, there has been a lot of mixed reviews on this. I won't judge until I see the device on hand. So I'm looking forward to early September when we hopefully get to see the first look of both the iPhone 5S and 5C. Some say the Apple days are over. Is it really? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. 

And here are some concept designs for the FUTURE iPhone 6. Fancy!! 

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