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Importance of SSL Certificate for Your Website

Friday, March 02, 2018 by Kerry Lunn
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SSL certificate

Beginning October 24, Google is making a major change that will impact the majority of small business websites. This likely includes your website.

After this date, all websites that do not have an SSL Certificate installed will be flagged as "Not Secure" when a visitor interacts with a form.

What visitors see when accessing your website is changing. People using a Google Chrome browser in "Incognito" mode will get a security warning for every site they visit that isn't protected with an SSL Certificate. And any site that collects user information, whether in incognito mode or not, will be labeled as "Not Secure".

What is an SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology that ensures data is protected between a website server and a browser. The SSL encodes the data passed between the servers and browsers to ensure that the data remains private.

In the domain bar, you will have noticed a green padlock appearing next to most websites this is the indicator whether the website is protected or not. If you have seen a red padlock – you guessed it – the site you are on hasn’t an SSL.

Why Does My Website Need an SSL Certificate?

As security has become paramount around any data, it is now not just websites taken payment that will require an SSL certificate.

From late October 2017, Google will be penalising websites without an SSL certificate by displaying a message to all users warning them that the website they are about to view has an unsecure connection.

It is Google’s way of looking after their customers & visitors by setting an ultimatum that all websites should offer a secure and encrypted connection for its users.

Will My Site Be Affected?

Yes. Even though the update is focusing on forms, search bars and login panels, you would still ensure your website visitors do not see warnings being displayed before landing on your website – Thus we would highly suggest for you to get an SSL certificate for your website.

How Do I know If I Have One?

If you are unsure whether you have SSL installed and activated on your website, simply type your website address into a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer and look for the green padlock.

Green padlock = good

Red padlock = bad.

Where Can I Get an SSL?

An SSL Certificate will encrypt your visitor's sensitive data, and also display your site with "HTTPS" in the address bar, letting visitors know you've made their security a top priority, and will avoid a "Not Secure" label on Google Chrome. Avoid being labeled "Not Secure" with an SSL Certificate today.

Gold Coast Design Studio offers SSL Certificates as part of our complete Web Hosting Package. Contact us today for a quote to install SSL certificate on your website.

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