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How to save iPhone 5 Battery

Thursday, May 23, 2013 by
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Yep, you've all heard about it. The iPhone 5 really sucks when it comes to battery - quite literally. I have one and it barely lasts a day from 100% - until I did some research and found a way for my phone to actually survive over 12 hours. The biggest problem is that the iPhone 5 has all of these things that you have no idea is running in the background, and they are very energy hungry! So here are some tips for those who are having the unfortunate iPhone 5 Battery problem:

Location Services

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

This is one of the main battery suckers on your phone. Here, you will see all the apps that are using the location services which are constantly sending out signals to determine your location. Some of these are important when in use (ie Maps or Google Maps) and others are just for posting purposes (ie Facebook or Photos). Turn off all the ones you do not use like games or rarely used apps. Alternatively, you can just turn it off completely if you don't want to use it at all. This will help your battery drain greatly.


Go to Settings > Bluetooth

Unless you're using this heavily, it doesn't need to be on the entire time. Turn it off and turn it back on when you need to use it.


Go to Settings > Notifications

This is a big battery drainer because there can be so many things that are constantly working behind the scenes to give you updates and notifications on things you probably don't care about that much. Turn off games and a lot of other apps from your notifications - you don't need to know when Candy Crush has a new stage, or when .


Go to Settings > Wi-Fi

If you are out and about, unless you are carrying your own modem or are in an area with Wi-Fi, then off it goes. It's obviously not in use, and if it's on, it's going to constantly look for wifi using up battery power that you could be saving.


Go to Settings > General > Cellular

Now this is where your iPhone uses internet from your mobile plan or pre-paid credit. You do not have to turn off Cellular, though it will definitely save your battery power by quite a bit. Having said that, there is another setting under Cellular called "Enable 3G" or "Enable 4G" or "Enable LTE" depending on your phone carrier. This makes you transfer data faster but if it's not something you're really concerned about, you can keep it off or just turn it on when you really need to use it. Also scroll down and turn off anywhere that you do not really need to use cellular data to prevent your phone from constantly loading data.

Sounds and Vibrate

Go to Settings > Sounds

It makes sense that every time the phone makes a sound, it uses up battery. Every time the phone vibrates, it uses up battery. Now a phone is supposed to ring so obviously you want to keep that, however you don't necessarily need to have it vibrate, so unless you want it, turn it off. Same with Keyboard clicks and Lock Sounds. If you don't use mail, Twitter, Facebook much or need noises for alerts, don't give sounds for it.

Mail Push

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data

If you are not using the Mail app heavily (or at all), then you do not need to Push. Set all your e-mails to Fetch and choose to Fetch less frequently or just manually.


Go to Settings > Brightness

Choose a mid to low brightness. If you have anti-glare, this maybe too dark outdoors so you have to adjust accordingly.

Auto Lock Sooner

Go to Settings > General > Auto Lock

The longer you leave the light on your phone, the more juice it uses. So, let it lock itself after 1-2 minutes at least. There shouldn't be anything happening on your phone over 2 minutes that doesn't require interaction - and further more it's easy to unlock however this is to your own preference.

Turn Off Unused Apps

Double press the Main Button at the bottom of your phone and your apps in use will appear at the bottom bar of the screen. Press and hold your finger on top of any of those icons for 2 seconds and the icons will begin to shake allowing you to see a red circle on the top left. This red circle allows you to close the app so that it doesn't run in the background. Turn off all the apps that you are not using so it doesn't take up your phone battery!


Go to Settings > General > Siri

Do you seriously use Siri? Let's be honest, on a daily basis, even a weekly basis - have you ever used Siri to be helpful? Siri in my opinion is one of those features you just show off to your friends because the new iPhone 5 came out and it's fun to see what it can do. After 15 mins of fun, it's never heard from again. So, turn it off if you don't use it - personal preference anyway.

Time Zone

Go to Settings > General > Date & Time

You don't necessarily need to have it set to automatic - turn it off and select your timezone manually. This will prevent it from always trying to connect to the internet to ensure your time is correct.

Download the App Battery Doctor

Go to App Store > Search "Battery Doctor" > Download and Install

This app is really really handy - I find anyway. Battery Doctor is a great app to tell you just how many hours / minutes you have left on your battery, and the things you can do to improve it. It gives you details on what you can turn off and how much that will extend your phones battery. I confronted Apple about the battery drainage and they said "Oh we don't think there's a battery issue, however try download the Battery Doctor App from our store". It's quite useful so view it here or find it on the App Store.


The iPhone 5 battery just sucks in general. Not a bad phone, but crappy battery life span. It seems that Apple have gone backwards in their way of evolving, especially changing to the "lightning" charger without giving cheap converters from the old ports... really unfortunate - but these techniques above should help your phone preserve at least 40% more battery, making your phone run much longer in idle states.

Until next time.

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