Oct 16

How Long Ago Was Your Last Blog Post?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 by Reni Florentina
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Okay... own up now. How long ago was your last blog post for your company's website? Was it a month ago? Two months ago? Even six months ago? Maybe you haven't even put up a blog since your site went live (which if your site is over a year old, it is terrible!). Well, read on and you may find very good reasons why you should update your blog more often than not.

Out of Date Content is Dangerous

How often have you gone to a website and noticed that their content is out of date e.g. last update was "New Products for 2006" or "Are you prepared for the apocalypse? December 2012 is coming!" Let's put this bluntly. Out of date content is dangerous for your website. Why? Because your audience will see that the information is not up to date, leading them to question whether the rest of your website information is accurate and legitimate.

For example, I wanted to get shoes online (go figure), and I came across this website that was last updated in 2011. That's 2 YEARS AGO! Safe to say that even though I did find what I was looking for, I lost my trust buying anything from this website. I mean... why would I? They are clearly not active.

Great For SEO

If you have been blogging frequently, good for you. No seriously. No sarcasm here. Good for you! It's true that when you blog frequently, it will give you better SEO results for your site. When you update your site, Google sees this as fresh content. Fresh content means that your website is active, therefore, giving your site a better chance to show up on their search results. Not only that, but it is good exposure for you and your business.

"Don't forget about me! I'm still alive!!!"

You Are Alive and Active

One of the main reasons to consistently blog for your audience is to "prove" that you are in fact alive. Get into the routine of posting frequently. A few times a month is actually more than enough. Just make sure you have high quality content for your audience. Like what they always say, quality over quantity.

So what are you waiting for? Get researching and get blogging! It's just like what Jeff Bullas said "Nothing happens until you start!". Keep an eye out on our blog and Facebook page for more internet marketing tips!

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