Apr 23

Glowing Testimonial From GCCS

Monday, April 23, 2012 by
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Glowing Testimonial from Gold Coast Car Sound

Since the launch of Gold Coast Car Sound 2 weeks ago, Paul has found using the system in Business Catalyst to be "fluid to use and easy to pickup". It's true! Honest! Here we even recorded him saying so!

We have been very very busy going around to a number of our clients and forcing... erm I mean convincing them to give their testimonial based on their time working with us and the outcome of their site. So far so good! Paul was our first client to go live, so stay tuned to see the others coming shortly.

As we all know, video is becoming more common these days on web pages. With more and more people having quicker access to the internet and with media being more diverse, it would be crazy not to implement video as a part of your online marketing strategy. So not only are we having videos for our testimonials, but you can expect to see a showreel sometime soon as we go into world of moving pictures online!

Check out our video below or go to the Gold Coast Car Sound Website and see what Paul's talking about!

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