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GCDS Turns 5 Celebration

Monday, August 27, 2012 by
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GCDS Turns 5 Celebration

Well it's not often that we go out with everyone together in the office, however it has been a while since our last outing and we figured - it's about time for another. And what better event to celebrate than the birthday of our very beloved GCDS!

Though a little belated from its original 3rd of June birthday, we have decided to take a break from the busy schedule from both work and everyday events to get together for a little dinner for our company turning 5 years old. So we all agreed to have some nice Malaysian cuisine at River Penang in Robina Town Centre. It was a place where a few of us go regularly, primarily ML, Chin, myself and occasionally Hasan so we thought to share it with everyone else too.

It was a big gathering of GCDS staff which included our awesome boss Kerry (obviously), our lead designer Hasan and his lovely wife Lalitha, the BC Architects Geo and ML, Rails Programmer Pablo, our wonderful photographer Chin, as well as our GCDS friend Reni plus Kerry's niece and her friend - and also myself. Zarne unfortunately was unable to join us for this event however we hope to catch up with him soon.

GCDS Turns 5 Celebration

Once we had devoured our really tasty food, the staff at River Penang had brought out the chocolate cake that Hasan and I had purchased before to surprise Kerry and the rest of the team. It was lovely, had speeches and more embarrassing Jeff moments…

Everyone had a good time and we hope to have a grander celebration each year of our success. And of course we would not be here if it hadn't been our clients to provide us with the opportunity to create or improve their online presence. So thanks to all our GCDS supporters too.

Click here to see the entire album of photos from Facebook.

Stay tuned for our next update!

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