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First post of the year!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013 by
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And what better way to start the year with a very new blog post! We thought we would share with you a little New Years gift from us - the team at GCDS went to watch the sunrise together last Sunday (literally last year!) at Byron Bay, NSW and took some photos. So for those who haven't been to the lighthouse at Byron Bay, you need to check it out. The sunrise is very beautiful. Check it out below:

Lighthouse before SunriseEven the full moon was still out!You can see the changing colours of the skyEpic shot!
The rays of light pierce the cloudsThe first light of the sun!The amazing sunrise in all its magnificenceSilhouettes by the lighthouse
How the silhouettes were taken.... yup that's our project manager!The lighthouseHow the lighthouse was actually takenSo this is our GCDS team - notice Geo in the background!

We have also made a nice little freebie for you in our Media Downloads section. As our little token of appreciation with our fans, we decided to make the Sunrise into a wallpaper. Click here to find out more!

In the mean time, we hope you have had a very enjoyable New Years holiday! Keep an eye out for more updates from us soon!

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