Mar 11

Facebook News Feed Redesign

Monday, March 11, 2013 by Reni Florentina
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How do you feel about a Facebook redesign? That's exactly what is coming up for the social network giant. Facebook News Feed is used everyday by billions of users around the world to see updates from their circle of friends such as photos, videos, status, check ins and many more.

This year, the Facebook headquarters have decided to do a redesign on their News Feed interface and how it works. Survey's says that Facebook users prefers a News Feed that is less cluttered and more organized. The News Feed has been used for eight years now and their last redesign was in 2006. Their way of looking at this is that Facebook is doing a spring cleaning on their site.

The redesign promises bigger pictures and content, giving Facebook users the ability to view more on their News Feed. You can also choose what sort of feed you would like to view such as feeds from just your "Friends" or if you would prefer to see feeds specifically on "Photos" etc.

The web is not the only interface that is getting redesigned for the News Feed, infact they are redesigning their interface on all the other platforms such as Mobile and Tablet. Facebook mentioned that they are "Unifying the experience across all our devices and across the website for users to see the same clean look wherever they use Facebook".

They have also released a waiting list on their Facebook page for you to be notified when the new platform is released. You can sign up to that on the link below:

What do you think? Pro for it or against the redesign?

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