Apr 19

Educating Griffith Students on preparing for the Design Industry

Thursday, April 19, 2012 by
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Educating Griffith Students on preparing for the Design Industry

Recently, I was invited to speak at Griffith University about my experience, and providing useful tips to prepare students for the industry. I must say it was nostalgic speaking again in front of a large group of people. I have had a great time speaking with students and I believe I have imparted valuable information about the web industry trends, our working philosophy at GCDS and the importance of social influence. Check out our album on Facebook to see the photos!

I certainly gained a few laughs but whether it was with me or at me I don't know. I also gave free chocolate away during the lecture to ensure they paid attention. A big thanks to Tim Rankin for giving me the opportunity as well as Gold Coast's QCA for inviting me back to memory lane.

In addition to that, we have also been dog sitting for the past week, more and more dogs seem to arrive at our office as more and more neighbours start disappearing for their holidays. We have in our space 2 more dogs, one being Bruce (the pug) and the other being Bella (the fluffy). They have been frantically running amok the office - as cute as they are, they are a heavy distraction.

Keep a lookout as well for some of our success stories which will be containing some video content for some clients.

Written by Jeffrey Davidson

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