Sep 17

Does Facebook Fans Increase Your Sales?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 by Reni Florentina
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Hello everyone! We hope you have had a great September so far. We have been enjoying the great early spring weather on the Coast. Unfortunately, the rain kicked in yesterday... we are hoping it will be sunshine for the coming weekend. Looking forward to seeing sunshine so we can take nice photos to upload on our Instagram.

Speaking of Social Media, how is your business social networking? Are you getting a lot of new fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter and Pinterest? Has your social media been updated over the weekend? We would love to know how your business is going!

Encourage Your Fans To Interact With Your Company

We recently did a GCDS Logo Showdown on our Facebook page. Jeff, our Project Manager, Geo, Lead Developer and Reni, Social Media Strategist all designed a logo each for our beloved GCDS guard dogs, Wags and Westie. We posted all three logos on Facebook asking our fans to vote for their favourite for a chance to win a $20 mystery gift voucher.

The post was a success with 2,341 reach, 27 comments and 11 likes in less than two days. The winning logo design was number 3, designed by yours truly :) Our lucky fan who voted and won the $20 gift voucher is Patria Waldron. This fun logo project started off as a friendly team competition but we unexpectedly got a lead from a client to re-do their company logo! Now that is the power of social media for us.

Run Competitions To Engage With Your Facebook Fans

Also, have a look at our client, Crown Brush Australia's Facebook Page. We do their Social Media Maintenance including their weekly competition "Makeup Monday" where fans are encouraged to submit their best makeup according to the week's category for a chance to win a mystery prize.

Ever since Crown Brush started the Makeup Monday Competition in June 2013, their online sales have increased more than 100% (which is basically double the amount) since June 2012.

Crown Brush Australia fans loves the Makeup Monday Competition and their followers continue higher everyday with their recent milestone reaching 3,000 fans on Facebook and over 500 followers on Instagram!

GCDS offers a monthly Social Media Package which includes Social Media Strategies that will work for you. Remember that the viral nature of social media can easily produce word of mouth referrals for your business. If Social Media is something you want to implement for your brand or business, then you are in the right place. Have a chat with the GCDS team today!

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