Jun 22

Business Catalyst 3 Part Series: Using BC as part of your Business (Part 3)

Friday, June 22, 2012 by Kerry Lunn
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What a week it has been! Training clients, drawing up sales KPIs, attending breakfast seminars and the list goes on. Despite the full on schedule, I still love my job as it simply keeps my mind active. As Hasan mentioned in the previous post, we both had an excellent time at Sydney Business Catalyst Conference, absorbing all the new knowledge and educating our clients on the some exciting features offered by Adobe BC.

I hope to shed some light on my personal experience with using BC for our clients and what impact it had on the way our clients manage their business online.

We have been using BC platform for the past 3 years and it has been a positive experience for both our clients and team. In terms of development, we have been able to produce websites quickly and efficiently, which meant more cost effective solutions for our clients. With BC's integrated features such as CMS, Ecommerce, Blog, CRM and other key features, we have been able to offer complete solutions at an affordable price for our clients.

Examples of Our Clients Using BC

Go Camping Nerang

Go Camping has been one of our most successful clients to date. We implemented a comprehensive product catalog, blog with Facebook commenting, secure members area and team profile. The staff at Go Camping post a lot of useful information and benefits to their Advantage members inside their "members only" area. Launch of the Advantage members area has increased their database list from 200 to 1300 in the last 6 months. They are able to use the Internet as another avenue to showcase their products to their loyal customer base and manage their content on the fly to ensure their website is up to date with a socially interactive blog.

View Go Camping Nerang Website

RML Group

The friendly team at RML Group has been with us for over 3 years now. During this time, we have witnessed a rapid growth from a small team to ever expanding, progressive team. To profile themselves as a leader in the mining sector, they needed a strong and bold presence with a backend system to increase the productivity of their Admin and HR department. We built a locations app to show their current activity across Australia, a job search app to post vacant mining job and a secure member area to post important company information to their employees. The new online presence has resulted in 67% increase in traffic and 29% increase in leads. Lindsay, PR & Marketing Manager of RML Group is able to manage their company presence with better control, more freedom and simple efficiency.

View RML Group Website

GC Gift Hampers and Boxes

Kim Hosking has also been with us for 3 years and has been a lovely ambassador for us. Kim wanted a fresh and bright e-commerce to manage her gift hampers store. Although she admitted she found BC intimidating initially, she is using now using BC with finesse. She is now able to manage her products, pamper her customers with coupon codes and showcase seasonal offers all on her own. She is a great example of how a business owner with limited technical knowledge can eventually run an online store with dedicated training which is virtually free for our clients. We provide onsite or in-house training to all our clients for free because I personally feel if our clients can't use our BC systems with confidence, then it is our duty to ensure they are trained until they are confident enough to use it.

View GC Gift Boxes and Hampers Website

Any questions regarding BC

I hope this post will give some valuable information on what can be achieved with BC and how it can help you to run your business online more efficiently? If a website is developed correctly, it can be an integral part of your business. Or else, it will continue to be just a static presence. Our team have personally helped many business owners with their online presence and one thing is certain; A great system with a strong marketing plan backed by holy grail customer service is key to a successful website. If you have any questions regarding Business Catalyst or would like to visit our office to trial Business Catalyst on the Gold Coast, please feel free to contact our team below.

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