Jun 14

Business Catalyst 3 Part Series: First Australian BC Conference (Part 2)

Thursday, June 14, 2012 by Enamul Hasan Ismail
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Let's dive into the part 2 of our BC three part series. Kerry and myself recently attended the Australian BC Partner Conference on June 4 & 5 which attracted over 200 Partners in attendance on Day 1, and it was an indeed fantastic educational event!

It was great to see BC partners coming from across the globe to one place to share, collaborate and empower each other in the way we offer powerful business solutions. I am going to highlight some key features of Business Catalyst that makes a website an integral part of any business.

Secure Cloud Hosting
Adobe has finally introduced cloud hosting for BC and its clients. What does it mean for our clients? More security, more bandwidth and better performance! Cloud hosting is essentially an efficient and cost effective way of hosting your business online.

More Social Integration
With social media becoming more important in the way businesses engage their customers, it is almost a requirement for CMS to offer some sort of integration which makes it easy for business owners to manage their social interactions without any fuss. With Facebook open graph, custom tabs and Facebook comments made available for us, it can only mean something; Exciting, socially interactive solutions for our clients!

In-Context Editing
Have you ever wondered how cool it will be to edit your website and make changes while you are viewing your website in the browser. Yes, now you can! With In-Context editing, you can log into your BC console, fire up "Site Editor", you will be making changes as if you are viewing your website in a live browser!

More Affordable Hosting For Everyone
Due to its growing popularity among Australian business owners, Adobe has now introduced easy affordable hosting plans for owners based on needs and requirements. With affordable hosting plans starting from $12 dollars per month on a cloud, it makes it easy for business owners to take advantage of BC's fully hosted business solutions.

Know Your Customers
Customers make the bread and butter of any business. Getting to know your customers will only serve your business well in the long run. Keep track of your past customers' inquiries, previous purchases and likes and interest all within BC admin console. With inbuilt analytic report, you will have access to key information about what your customers want.

In Conclusion
In the third and last part of the series, Kerry will finish off in style with her own personal experience helping clients achieve success online and how business owners can use Business Catalyst on a day to day basis to manage their business efficiently.

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