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Business Catalyst 3 Part Series: What makes BC Different to other CMS (Part 1)?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012 by
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Our BC team have been using Adobe Business Catalyst for over 3 years now. In fact, when we started embracing Business Catalyst for our projects, it was owned by two Australian entrepreneurs, Bardia Housman and Adam Broadway in 2004. Since then, it has been acquired by Adobe and there have been alot of upgrades, changes and ongoing development to meet the needs of business owners to manage their business online.

There are now many different types of Content Management Systems (CMS) to maintain a website. Choosing the right CMS can be a real headache especially since every CMS has its own unique advantages.

Before choosing BC, we have used open source CMS such as Joomla, Wordpress, Refinery and Spree Commerce. Although we enjoyed reasonable success with the above mentioned platforms, we felt there was no integrated solution for clients to scale up their business without paying huge development costs in the pipeline. At times, developers need to install third party plugins with open source systems to make it work for specific features. For instance, if a client wants ecommerce features for a site built on wordpress or joomla, the developer may to have install a third party ecommerce plugin to achieve client's brief. At times, these may result in poor performance or may not necessarily meet the vision of business owners.

Another issue with open source CMS is that there is no real one point of contact or help for business owners if they decide to change their web designer or developer. With BC, it is easy to transfer your website to another certified BC partner if things don't work out with your current BC partner.

Our main reason for choosing Adobe Business Catalyst as our preferred CMS is due to the power and flexibility it brings to the table for both our developers and clients who can get the best out of both worlds.

BC provides our clients with a complete online business solution. Exceptionally useful for busy business owners, BC can be used to easily manage their newsletter campaigns, blogs, online store and etc all under one roof, leaving them more time to focus on the business. If you are a marketing executive for your firm, you can harness the power of BC to run successful campaigns for your firm backed by integrated analytics and real time customer interaction feeds.

Over the last few years, BC has been releasing updates to improve the system and we are pleased to say that we have created many successful projects for our BC clients maximising their return on investment. We have also implemented new web technologies into the websites to increase the user experience of our clients' audience and maximise the return on investment and faith, put in by our clients.

In the second part of the series, we will discuss some of the breakthrough features released by Adobe Business Catalyst for its version 3. We will also hear from our creative team, Kerry and Hasan on their recent trip to the first ever Australian BC conference in Sydney hosted on the 4th June 2012. Stay tuned for my next article.

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