Feb 08

Cloud Hosted CMS vs Open Source CMS

Friday, February 08, 2013 by Enamul Hasan Ismail
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A cloud hosted CMS such as Business Catalyst is a platform where the features of a CMS is hosted on one central server belonging to a private organization. For example, Business Catalyst(BC) is owned by Adobe and if you create a website with BC web partner, your hosting comes automatically with BC.

Open Source CMS such as Wordpress and Joomla are platforms created by the public and available for download by anyone. It is the responsibility of business owner like yourself to find a hosting company and install the CMS or see the expertise of a web designer to install on your behalf. There are many benefits when using a cloud hosted CMS over an open source one. Let's cover these points more in detail.

1. One centralised support and point of contact.

Since BC is a product of Adobe and BC partners or resellers provide BC solutions direct to their clients. If you encounter issues, you either communicate with their local BC partner. Migrating from one BC partner or another is also a hasslefree process and keeps your website hosting on the Adobe cloud server.

On the other hand, Wordpress or Joomla is owned by the public. If your website is created with Wordpress or Joomla, you not have a centralized point of contact, credentials are different for each disparate system, therefore security might be compromised and complexity becomes inevitably an issue.

2. Less prone to hacks, increasing overall server security

Business Catalyst is an integrated digital marketing system created by Adobe. As a Fortune 500 company, it provides SLAs (Service Level Agreements) second to none, this is specially important in a world where automatic bots created everyday to hack into Wordpress and Joomla create massive headaches for webmasters due to the readily available information.

Wordpress and Jooomla do not have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support by default, this security protocol is a requirement for e-commerce ventures because connections and sensitive data are protected by default. Open source systems are more prone to hacks due to the sum of these missing out of the box features.Your data should be protected at all costs and should become important criteria when choosing a CMS.

3. Scalability maintenance is convenient and time saving. One upgrade applies to all accounts.

Business Catalyst lives on the cloud. The cloud itself have inherent benefits over DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions since it frees time to focus on money making activities to the individual, shop or customer. Handling one or fifty websites with different sizes each becomes a relatively easy task with Adobe's integrated solution. Hasslefree maintenance becomes a reality by taking advantage of the system.

4. BC is all in one under one roof. With open source CMS, you may need to install plugins to make it work according to your needs.

Integration is a hot topic among open source projects because it is akin to stitching different technologies. One problem often found in integration is keeping up to date with patches and new versions. Often the whole funnel is paralyzed while these updates are being made. Server software, main systems, plugins, integration code and APIs need to be checked on a daily basis to keep these open source CMS running smoothly.

5. Cost is lower as infrastructure is provided by the cloud provider and pricing is usage-based

Cost is lower as infrastructure is provided by the cloud provider and pricing is usage-based The Pay As You Go business models made possible by the cloud are an efficient cost saving solution because there is no spending on idle resources. So the bottomline is, you will only pay for what you use and need.

Overall Conclusion

You don't have to mess with hosting issues. With Adobe BC, the functionality you need is built right in so you will save thousands of dollars in development costs. There is no doubt complexity adds costs to any individual or shop, therefore a simple yet powerful solution being constantly improved by an established brand such as Adobe with usage based pricing is the way to go. If you are interested to test drive Adobe BC, contact our local BC partner team to discuss your business and website needs. Or call us directly on 07 55383060.

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