Jun 11

A Whole New Look On iOS7

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 by Reni Florentina
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To all the loyal Apple fans out there, today would have been a real thrill for you. At the WWDC '13 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple reveals a whole new look on their mobile operating system, the iOS 7. 

At first glance, my first impression is WOW!! Yet another stunning UI design from Apple. They have approached iOS 7 in a completely different way. Ditching their old look to a cleaner and more simplistic feel. As a designer, I am all about the cleanliness and simplicity so this new look is mind blowing to me. Take a look for yourself! 

The new iOS 7 also has some exciting new features. The Control Center, Notification Center, Multitasking, Air Drop etc. They have also updated Camera, Safari, Siri and more. One that really caught my eye is the iTunes Radio. They have FINALLY added a radio but the biggest glitch of it all is that it's only available in the US (let's hope that they will eventually release this for more countries). 

Also revealed at the WWDC '13 is the OS X Mavericks (the new operating system for desktop), the Mac Pro (the future of pro desktop) and the new MacBook Air. You can watch the WWDC '13 Keynote here

Overall, I think Apple has done it again. They never disappoint with their incredible inventions and design. Even though I'm now using an Android phone, I'm still excited to test out the iOS 7 which is coming out in Fall (Around September 2013 in Australia). 

So what do you think? Love or hate the new look? I've been told that it looks a lot like Android. Have your say on the comments below.

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