Jun 19

A Recap of Google Engage Conference 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 by Enamul Hasan Ismail
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To all our dearest readers, I am feeling inspired after a day of Google Engage Conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre yesterday. If you ask me to recap the event in three words, here it is: Food; Hindsight; Goodies; The conference was presented by Dave Booth, one of the world's most sought after trainers in Google Adwords and owner of US based marketing agency, Cardinal Path. There was also a segment on User Behaviour into Multi-screen usage in Australia which was definitely interesting in terms of data collected from Australian consumers.


You can call me a foodie, or however you want to call me but I have to mention the quality of free food given by Google. There were cookies, tea and coffee, vegetarian food, spicy indian curries, tuna and ham sandwiches and even cocktails. The food definitely gave us some energy to enable us to absorb the incredible amount of information that was given to us in one day. Alright, enough about food, I will move on to the tips that was given during the conference.

Interactive Tips & Hindsights

Dave Booth guided us through some new product updates that were released in Adwords interface but only available to partners who are part of engage program. The biggest game changer is Image Ads where business owners can now take advantage of using images in their ads in place of plain text ads. Which means better visibility and click through rate which in the process reduces your cost per click :-). There is also good news for online retailers who can now dynamically manage their ads using products with different attributes such as size or color. Google has given us a hindsight into Australian consumption and behaviour in multi screen world which clearly illustrates the growing importance of mobile/tablet optimised experience for consumers. Smartphones, Tablets, PCs/Macs and smart TVs accounts for 88% of multi screen usage so it is crucial for business owners to optimise their websites on all the four devices to achieve better brand awareness and conversions. I will write an in-depth article on multi-screen world and its growing influence in the coming weeks.

Free Goodies and Flipbook

Apart from the Google stationery, there was also an interesting booth where you can do a short movie reel which then gets printed into a physical flipbook which captures the moments in a fun way.

I have attached a short video of the flipbook in action. Enjoy! The short animation was created by Reni, our Social Media Strategist using Vine, a video sharing app.

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