Jan 25

A Day To Celebrate With Pride, Joy and Honour

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by
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australia day

Watch with pride as Australia's Federation Guard raise the Australian National Flag on the 26th of January. Irregardless of the current climatic outburst of rain and heavy flooding, that hasn't stopped some of the locals to still prepare for a BBQ and a nice cold one during their day off! Some have already planned ahead just in case they 'become sick' on Friday too.... hmmm...

australia day wallpaper

Anyways to mark the day with excitement, we are pleased to give you a little something we whipped up - a little Aussie Steak (literally) wallpaper that can be downloaded here (Mobile version also available here).

We hope you all have a great Australia Day and to celebrate safely - that isn't to say you can't let loose a bit but take care with the current weather forecast! Enjoy the day off (for most of you).


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