Jul 13

5 Important SEO Checks Before Launching Your Site

Thursday, July 13, 2017 by Kerry Lunn
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Getting qualified traffic is not rocket science if these basic steps are followed before launching a site :-). Before launching your website, ask yourself these questions to ensure you are on the right track to get more prospects to your site.

Keyword Research

Did I conductive an extensive keyword research? Did I find all the popular terms that are relevant to my industry/niche/website?

Targeted Phrases

Did I choose the targeted keywords wisely? Have I made sure that I can compete for the selected terms? Did I use keyword combinations that are likely to be searched by users? Have I optimized my pages for those keyword combinations? Did I incorporate in the text synonyms that are likely to be used in the queries?

Useful Content

Did I write unique, high quality texts that will be considered useful both by the Users and by the Search Engines? Have I performed a spelling check to all of my texts?

SSL Certificate

Did I install SSL certificate on my website to show credibility and trust to my users so they feel more secure in browsing my website?

Website Speed Test

Have I tested my website with Google Mobile Insights Tool to ensure my websites complies with best practices and Google guidelines?

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