How We Work

Part of our success comes with solid strategy and planning. Our process is created to obtain your business objectives and transform your brief into a high performance website that looks stunning and converts your passive visitors into loyal customers!

  • 1.
    First Contact

    A meet 'n' greet session with our team where we introduce our services and listen to your needs.

    Following the consultation, we will create a tailor-made brief and quote for the your approval before moving on to the next phase.

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  • 2.
    Website Strategy and Planning Session

    Once approved, we are ready to rock 'n' roll! Our team will collaborate with you to identify your unique selling point, consumer behaviour of your target audience and market analysis of your competitors.

    A website strategy blueprint will be developed to kickstart the next phase - the design!

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  • 3.
    Getting Visual

    Now we have the ingredients, we use our creative flare to brew up an outstanding design based on the research! This is where the magic begins.

    However, your site is not just about being eye candy. When we design, we take into account every little aspect, down to the smallest button, and strategically place them into the design. We send you the mock-up and once you say "YES!", our web engineers take over.

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  • 4.
    Building the Base

    Here is where the complex codes and all that mumbo jumbo is created, which is why it is essential that all the design elements are approved beforehand.

    You can watch your website grow as it is transformed from a vision, into reality.

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  • 5.
    Furnish with Content

    With your online structure built, it's now time to load it with great quality information and images.

    Need help in writing persuasive copy that attracts your prospects? We also provide Copywriting Solutions for those that need a hand in their content.

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  • 6.
    Testing and Official Launch!

    Before the big launch, we ensure that everything in the front end, and the hardcore coded backend is in place.

    Once tested, we then unveil it for the world to see - but we don't stop there. We also provide you with the set-up of your e-mails and train you in how to manage your business online!

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  • 7.
    Ongoing Support

    So what now? Now that you have your business online, promote it and utilise it. However you may run into a few questions or you may need a refreshment of training or even need more additions to your website. Fret not!

    We are always here to provide you with our knowledge of the online world! You are welcome to give us a call, send us an e-mail, or even pop down for a visit! Our customers are for life!

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